Plugin configuration

Plugin information

Will be displayed in WordPress backend plugin list.
Must be unique to your plugin, consists of lower case letters (a-z), integers (0-9) and minus (-). Leave empty for auto-generated slug.
URL of the plugin's home page.
Short description of the plugin's purpose, no more than 140 characters.

Author information

Separate multiple authors by comma.
Website or online profile page.


The text domain for the plugin translations.

Auto loading & Composer support

Please select one of the following options.

No Composer support Use this option, when you don't need any Composer support.
This package requires other Composer packages Use this option, when your package (plugin/theme) requires other packages to be installed via Composer, but is not used in a Composer based WordPress.
Plugin is installed in Composer based WordPress Use this option, when your WordPress instance is managed by Composer (i. e. Bedrock).
Namespace prefix for PHP classes (e. g. Awesome\Plugin).

Additional information